Beautiful show tonight Nancy … thanks for the lovely, reflective, soulful and dreamy Brazilian songs and singing.
Marlin Darrah, Director, International Film and Video

Making the surprising leap from Irish music to Brazilian, singer Nancy Curtin negotiates the marvelous subtleties of the work of Antonio Carlos Jobim and others…To her long-time fans…her recent foray into sultry Latin jazz may come as a surprise. But a pleasant one, because Curtin’s expressive, precise lilt works wonderfully well on this music, too.  A singer blessed with one of THOSE  voices.
The Oregonian

Recently, a musician/vocalist I have had the pleasure of knowing and collaborating with is Nancy Curtin. She has a beautiful instrument, namely her voice, and she puts it to great use as she delves more and more into Brazilian music. Nancy has a sincere passion for this music and a knack for finding gorgeous but obscure songs in the Brazilian songbook. Also, she’s a natural when it comes to pronouncing the lyrics in Portuguese!
Weber Iago, Brazilian pianist and composer

I have known and worked with Nancy Curtin for approximately 15 years. She is a beautifully gifted singer who has brought the songs of Brazil to an enthusiastic and ever growing fan base here in Portland OR, USA. Her love of all things Brazilian shows through in her gorgeous interpretations of the great songs of the legendary Brazilian composers.
Tom Grant, pianist/vocalist/composer

I was really pleased with the Nancy Curtin/Tom Grant quartet. Just a luscious blend of beautiful Latin and Brazilian tunes. Nancy was totally at ease on stage, and very personal. If I had to choose one word to describe the music, it would be “romantic.”
Ivories Jazz 

It was a great pleasure to hear the Nancy Curtin Quartet in concert! A beautiful and refreshingly authentic treatment of the music. I hope they come back soon.
Joe Rohrbacher,  Jazz at Joe’s, Bend OR

“Soul Brasileiro” features four of Portland’s very best musicians: Ron Steen, Portland’s “King of Jams” and a leader in our jazz community for over 40 years; world-famous pianist Tom Grant, who needs little introduction to jazz lovers anywhere in the world; Dave Captein, a standout in a town that boasts several internationally famous bassists; and vibrant and charming vocalist Nancy Curtin.
Bob Riddle, KBOO Radio

I love Nancy’s music and voice. It fills my soul with happiness. Nancy brings through her voice the most beautiful ‘bossa nova’ one can hear.
Alice Rolfe, Sao Paulo native and Hewlett Packard event coordinator

Nancy’s beautiful voice is not to be missed.  Check her out live at your earliest opportunity.
Nick Gefroh, Jazz Radio Host

Nancy Curtin’s voice is pure Latin sunshine. Her repertoire includes not only the well-loved standards but unusual and rarely heard gems from some of Brazil’s finest composers.         Molly Larson Cook, Jazz Novelist

Smooth and warm, restrained and tender, Nancy’s voice [is] well-suited to the soft elasticity and contemplative nature of the songs in her repertoire.
Lynn Darroch, The Oregonian

Portland chanteuse Nancy Curtin performs with Brazilian pianist Weber Iago and sax man David Valdez. Curtin is fluent in Portuguese, which comes in handy for her elegant versions of Antonio Carlos Jobim standards such as ‘Girl from Ipanema’ and ‘Waters of March.’ Curtin is also a member of Soul Brasileiro, a local quartet of top jazz cats: drummer Ron Steen; bassist Dave Captein; and keyboardist Tom Grant.
John Chandler, Portland Monthly Magazine

Nancy’s vocal interpretations in native Portuguese are mesmerizing and sweet, suggesting she’s been a Brazilian jazz singer all her life. One does not have to speak the language to feel the emotion – now that’s a singer! I think the Girl from Portland has found her musical calling.
Pistol River Concert Association

You guys were amazing! It was the perfect compliment to our Democratic Party of Oregon event. It set the tone and the mood instantly and brought everyone to life. Your smooth vocals and the musicians’ unique and swaying sounds were the talk of the crowd.
Elizabeth Smith, Democratic Party Development Director

A silky, tender voice that caresses our sensitivity.
Alfredo Muro, Guitarist

Nancy Curtin has spent the last four years exploring Brazilian song, and her new CD is ripe with the fruits of this exploration. The soft sounds of Portuguese drip deliciously from her mouth as she covers songs by the greats: Antonio Carlos Jobim and Vinicius de Moraes (“Garota de Ipanema,” “Brigas Nunca Mais”), Milton Nascimento (“Don Quixote”), and others. While Brazilian music can have many flavors, Curtin cooks the ingredients shared with smoky jazz: guitar, bass, piano and subtle drums. A line or two of translated lyrics helps the listener understand each song, but the real connection with the music is in the emotions conveyed by Curtin’s effortless delivery. She offers a slightly spicier “world music” taste with the samba “Vou Deitar e Rolar” and the Billy Blanco bossa, “A Banca do Distinto.” Overall, though, this CD will most please the ears of Brazilian jazz lovers.
Victory Music Review

This local jazz vocalist has just released a collection of covers of Brazilian standards. She chose some truly excellent works from among that country’s finest bossa nova and pop composers… Curtin’s singing is mellifluous throughout, and the very fine performances from such heavyweights as Tom Grant and Steve Christofferson make for an altogether sweet survey of the wonderful songs that have been popular in Brazil over the past four decades.
Annie Bloom’s Books

Wonderful music, full of warmth, fun, and beauty.
Sheila Baraga, Saphire Hotel

Nancy Curtin has a real feel for the music of Brazil. Hearing her warm, clear voice singing in Portuguese is a real pleasure.
John Stowell, Jazz Guitarist