Nancy Curtin was raised in a musical family and has been singing all her life. Her interest in jazz began in college, where she studied music and wrote and performed folk and jazz compositions. She has always been drawn to a wide variety of music from around the world, and in 1998 she fell in love with the music of Brazil. Nancy’s repertoire focuses mainly on the beautiful music of Bossa Nova, mining the deep well of rarely heard songs (sung in Portuguese) to come out of that musically ground-breaking era of Brazilian music. Her live performances also include American jazz standards.

 “It was a fortunate set of circumstances that led Nancy Curtin to take on the challenge of learning the Brazilian musical idiom. The Rose City jazz scene is richer for it. She has two great CD’s out with a  dynamite band behind her. Nancy’s beautiful voice is not to be missed.  Check her out live at your earliest opportunity.” KMHD Jazz Radio